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MDT goes black: Follow us to the dark side

The Galaxy is in a state of turmoil: MDT has turned to the dark side. The development, product management and production departments of the leading manufacturer of KNX products, have been conspiring for months at an undisclosed location in the Rhineland, Germany to dispatch a fleet of dark Push-buttons to KNX fans this autumn.

For this journey, MDT has selected the TOP products of the assortment 55, as a wide range of trustworthy functions are required for the mission "Smart in black". The MDT heroes of the black Push-button fleet include the MDT Push-button Smart 55 with its active colour display, the MDT Push-button Light with innovation group control and the MDT Motion Detector / Automatic Switch 55 with movement direction recognition. Each individual product has the renowned variety of functions in black that KNX fans are familiar with.

The heroes of the new, black MDT push-button fleet can now be ordered, equal in price to the comparable white fleet. The choice of the fleet is thus an aesthetical design choice without compromising on functionality.

The first members of the fleet in black will be available for delivery as of from November. The new to be dispatched MDT fleet of black Push buttons tailor fits to switch ranges of leading switch manufacturers.

>To the dark side