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The product benefits for you


In order for the home automation to be able to react appropriately to any situation in the rooms, the KNX system needs to gather information. For example, temperature sensors, air sensors, motion detectors or brightness sensors are used indoors. Even the push buttons and controllers that you can use to make individual settings, for example for light, heating or the shutters, essentially provide information to the KNX system. Information from window or door contacts is supplied via KNX Binary Inputs, and for outdoor areas, the weather station is the central source of information.

The innovative KNX products from MDT always offer true added value for you: Most of our push buttons are optionally available with a temperature sensor, meaning that you can record the room temperature directly with the push button. This saves you having to have an additional KNX component. The possibility to assign several functions to the push buttons, which can then be triggered by pressing once, twice or three times, reduces the number of components and gives you more options for controlling your smart home individually. In the case of push buttons with displays, you can adjust the colours and icons on your display so it fits right into your home. If you ever reconfigure something, the text is simply quickly altered in the ETS.

The product benefits for you


They are invisible in daily life, but they are indispensable for the KNX smart home. The KNX actuators control all areas of your smart home from the switch cabinet. As a manufacturer of comprehensive KNX solutions, we have the right actuators for any area for you, and their functions are precisely tailored to your requirements. For example, KNX Switch Actuators control lights and sockets, while KNX dimming actuators are used to dim the light. KNX Shutter Actuators provide shade depending on the position of the sun, and KNX Heating Actuators provide the right level of heat. KNX Universal Actuators offer you a combination for different areas.

Highlight functions of the MDT actuators:

  • In order to ensure that your building reacts appropriately to the environment, MDT Switching Actuators have a threshold value function for every channel. These can be used to control the connected consumers (air conditioning, light, ventilation) when reaching, for example, a temperature, brightness or moisture level.
  • In the middle of the night, the lighting does not need to be as bright as in the evening. This is why percentage values for the lighting can be saved in the MDT Dimming Actuator. Either one value each is defined for day/night, or it is possible – and this is only true with MDT – to set up time-dependent dimming.
  • Complicated configuration is a thing of the past, and a comprehensive PI temperature controller is integrated into the MDT Heating Actuator. This ensures that only the target and actual temperature of the room are needed to control the room temperature, and the rest is done by the Heating Actuator. For example, the temperature values are provided by a Push Button with temperature sensor. The combination of MDT Heating Actuator and MDT Push Button with temperature sensor therefore allows for low-cost individual room control without additional components.
  • The MDT Shutter Actuator uses the date and time to calculate the current position of the sun. For optimum control, the actuator also needs the strength of the solar radiation from a weather station. The Shutter Actuator uses this information to move the roller shutters automatically depending on the position and strength of the sun. Where shutters are used, the slats can also be repositioned automatically. This means that the rooms are protected against overheating due to the sun at all times.

The product benefits for you

System components

In addition to actuators and sensors, each KNX system includes devices that carry out certain functions for the system as a whole. These are known as system components, and we have a whole series of them in our product range. They include, for example, the bus power supply, which supplies all devices on a line with energy, or the timer switch, which allows for time-dependent control of a wide range of devices such as your shutters. The new MDT Timer Switch has an integrated automatic holiday calculation to ensure that on public holidays your shutters are not raised at the time you usually get up.


Hacker attacks on smart buildings are increasing, and our range therefore includes products that protect your KNX system. The MDT Line Coupler and the MDT Safety Module protect your KNX system against unauthorised access. For example, the Line Coupler can connect the line for the outdoor area with the line for indoors, but can block control commands from outdoors. The MDT Safety Module prevents all connection-related access from the ETS, such as the programming and the unloading of the bus devices, in the KNX line. It is possible to deactivate the safety technology using the control buttons on the LED display and/or with the safety password via telegram.

The product benefits for you


As a manufacturer, our range includes various products that you can use to control your smart home. In addition to control via push buttons or the central operation unit, you can also control the components in your smart home via a visualisation. In this case all data and control options are clearly displayed on an interface. The output medium can either be the MDT VisuControl Glass Touch Panel recessed into the wall, or an iOS device, if the MDT VisuControl Easy Object Server is used.

In addition to basic functions such as switching, dimming and shutters/roller shutters, you also have a wide range of scenes and diagram functions available. 



Our customers can incorporate individual graphics and images in order to design the individual screen pages. Comprehensive day/week/month/year switching functions and astro switching functions can be achieved with the integrated timer switch.

Measurements such as temperature, wind strength or any switching statuses can be recorded in the internal memory or directly on a USB/SD card (data logger). You can then export these recorded datasets and process them using an external application (e.g. Excel).

The product benefits for you

KNX RF+ Wireless

Thanks to radio communication, with the MDT KNX RF+ devices you can now also retrofit existing buildings with the convenient KNX system without laborious breaking work for the cabling. Existing KNX bus systems can also be expanded with the wireless components if, for example, it is not that easy to equip new mounting points with a bus cable. In order to do this, the KNX RF+ devices are connected to the KNX system via MDT RF+ Wireless Line Couplers. As usual, the programming is carried out in the ETS.


The MDT KNX RF+ Push Buttons/Glass Push Buttons with integrated Switch Actuator replace a conventional 230 V switch. They are easily installed into the existing outlet sockets and powered from the normal 230 V grid, so you do not need any batteries. The wireless products then establish the connection to the KNX bus system via KNX RF+. In this case, each device can be used as a repeater in order to create good reception quality right through to the most hidden corners.

KNX RF+ Wireless Devices system mode

Extended product warranty

Our production team in Engelskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) has over 35 years of experience in the development and manufacture of electronics products. All products are produced and tested on state-of-the-art production lines. This guarantees optimum reliability for our customers. We are so convinced of the quality of our products that we give our customers an extended three-year product warranty on all MDT KNX devices.

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MDT products are developed and produced in Engelskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Our production in Germany stands for quality and flexibility.

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KNX products from MDT are tailored to provide added value for installers and users. There are many reasons to opt for MDT.

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