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Smart home

You can just relax at home if everything is automatically controlled so that you feel comfortable

KNX smart home? This is how it works!

In a smart home, intelligent technology controls and regulates various areas of the building and automatically adjusts them to the needs of the users to ensure the utmost comfort and security. In order for this to work, all devices in the system need to be perfectly coordinated with each other.

We will use various examples here to show you what this could look like for shade, lighting and heating in a KNX smart home. You will also get an overview of the control options and the KNX components for detection and measuring.

Smart KNX building

Smart technology – proven millions of times

Projects with MDT

There are millions of MDT products in use around the world. Actuators, sensors and system components facilitate smart building automation, which makes living and working more comfortable for the users and occupants.

Each KNX project is unique! You are free to choose the level of automation for your own individual smart home. We have gathered together some examples for you here of how smart technology can increase comfort and security in your home.

Efficient, convenient and future-proof

KNX – technology of the future

The standard of building automation

KNX is a standard for building automation using smart technology. As early as 1990, leading German electrical engineering manufacturers teamed up to develop a field bus together, initially for switching lighting. In 2002, the current KNX standard was defined and published in an official standard document. Certification by the KNX association ensures that products from over 500 manufacturers are compatible with each other.

The consistent further development of the system, the wealth of manufacturers and, last but not least, the ability to combine wired and wireless components make KNX the system for your smart home and for the future of building automation.

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Solutions for operating your smart homes

In the smart home, lots of functions are set up so that the KNX technology controls the components automatically and conveniently. However, you also always have the option of controlling your system individually. MDT KNX Push Buttons in the rooms offer you much more than the standard on/off. Dimming the lighting, heating control and calling up scenes are just some examples of the almost unlimited variety of functions in your smart home.

Erkennen und Messen: Mit MDT Sensoren kann Dein Smart Home passend reagieren

Detecting and measuring

Information for your KNX system

In order for the intelligent technology in your smart home to be able to react to the situation, your KNX system needs certain information. It is supplied with this information by various devices for detecting and measuring the relevant values. For example, temperature sensors, air sensors, motion detectors or brightness sensors are used indoors, while the weather station is the central source of information for outdoor areas.

Die Beschattung: Perfektion ist, wenn sich die Lamellen der Jalousien anhand des Sonnenstandes selbst ausrichten.

The shading

Automatic shade – a must for new buildings

Modern buildings have excellent insulation. At the same time, they have large windows meaning that rooms can heat up very quickly when the sun shines in. Therefore an intelligent sunshade is now one of the basic features of any new house. KNX Shutter Actuators with comprehensive functions are used to control it.

Die Beleuchtung: Licht – immer wenn Du es brauchst und in der passenden Beleuchtungsstärke

The lighting

Create atmospheric moods

The right light gives your rooms their own character. Alongside the main lighting, secondary lighting provides a cosy feel. The light sources in your smart home are adjusted in the KNX system. Use the brightness, colours and white tones to create the right mood in every room.

Die Heizung: In jedem Raum die passende Temperatur zu jeder Tageszeit

The heating

Warmth when needed

In an era when energy costs are increasing, it is particularly important for home automation to support effective energy use. Smart technology helps you in this area! For example, the MDT Heating Actuator can switch the heating off and activate the frost protection mode when a window is opened. As soon as the window is closed, the heating mode is restored. The system gets the information required for this purpose from the window contact installed on the window, among other things.


MDT products have proven themselves millions of times over. We have gathered together implementation examples for smart building technology from numerous smart buildings for you.

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