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The right temperature for all times of day in every room

Warmth when needed

Forward-thinking planning

Modern heating systems are economical and energy-efficient. New buildings usually have underfloor heating installed and this distributes heat evenly in the room. The mass to be heated is much greater than in the old system using radiators.

This means that the system is slower and needs to be controlled in a forward-thinking manner to ensure that the room is always at the right temperature at the right time.

Automatic heating

Appropriate and efficient for every heating circuit

If the heating needs to be incorporated into the KNX system, then the control valves of the heating circuits are connected to the heating actuator. The KNX actuator controls the valves for each heating circuit individually. The relevant indoor temperature is crucial for when the valve opens and closes again.

For this purpose, the room temperature is recorded by temperature sensors in the rooms. However, if it is still too cold then the control can be adjusted, for example via a room temperature controller with adjusting knob that is installed on the wall. This means that you always have the optimum comfort temperature in your rooms.

Highlight functions of our heating control

Comfort and energy efficiency from the KNXperts

Highlight function

Heating and cooling 

Heating in winter – cooling in summer

If cooling is integrated into the heating system, this can easily be incorporated into the home automation via the MDT Heating Actuator. a comprehensive PI temperature controller is integrated into the MDT Heating Actuator. This ensures that only the target and actual temperature of the room are needed to control the room temperature, and the rest is done by the KNX Heating Actuator. For example, the temperature values are provided by a Push Button with temperature sensor. The combination of MDT Heating Actuator and MDT Glass Push Button II Smart with temperature sensor therefore allows for low-cost individual room control without additional components.

Hightlight function

Target value according to outdoor temperature

Automatic adjustment

In summer, there should not be much difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature. In cooling mode it is therefore possible to adjust the target value based on the outdoor temperature when using the MDT Heating Actuator. This means that the target value is increased in a linear manner in order to limit the differences between the outdoor and indoor temperatures.

Hightlight function

Custom modulation

Efficient control – warmth when needed

In order to make optimum use of energy, the heating is set so that it only supplies heat when it is actually needed. This includes saving a comfort temperature for the day and a night-time reduction so that there is less heating at night. MDT allows for even more energy saving thanks to the custom modulation of the heating via a communication device. If only 10% warmth is required, then the heating is reduced to 10%. Obviously it is also possible to make individual settings. For example, lots of people want the bathroom to be warmer than the rest of their home. In order to achieve this, it is possible to set a higher comfort temperature for the underfloor heating. For this purpose the floor temperature is measured with an additional floor sensor and held at, for example, 18 degrees. This means that the floor always feels pleasantly warm underfoot.

Push Button Heating

Choose your comfort temperature

Room Temperature Controller Smart 55

With an integrated temperature and humidity sensor, the MDT Room Temperature Controller acts as a clear special push button for the climate of indoor rooms.

MDT Glass Room Temperature Controller Smart

Information such as the indoor/outdoor temperature, target value and time can be displayed on the active colour display of the MDT Glass Room Temperature Controller Smart. A temperature sensor is integrated.

MDT Glass Push-button II Smart

The push-button with lots of space for additional functions and an active colour display, which can also display, for example, the temperature.

KNX System Products

MDT components for smart heating control

In order to implement the automatic heating control, you will need an MDT Heating Actuator with integrated PI temperature controller and a room thermostat. Alternatively, a push button with temperature sensor and a central operation unit can be used for target value adjustment, or simply use the Glass Push Button II Smart with temperature sensor.

The occupants can also use the push button to change the settings manually if needed, which is a common request for the room temperature in particular. Anyone who wants to be really energy-efficient can also add a binary input for the window contacts in order to block the heating if the windows are open.

MDT KNX Heating Actuator

Various comfort functions, such as comfort, night and frost protection mode or summer/winter mode, can be set up via the MDT KNX Heating Actuator..

MDT Binary Input

Push buttons, switches or window contacts can be incorporated into the KNX system via the MDT Binary Input. Normal push buttons can be assigned several functions per button, just like KNX push buttons. With window contacts, the status of the windows (open/closed/tilted) can be used, for example for the heating control.

MDT Bus Power Supply with diagnosis function

In order to operate the KNX components, the KNX bus needs its 30 V voltage supply. This is provided by the MDT KNX Bus Power Supply, and in family homes one bus power supply will be sufficient for the entire system. The integrated diagnosis function saves incidents such as bus overload or power supply failure/restoration with a time stamp.

MDT KNX Weather Station Home

The MDT Weather Station collects information for the KNX system: It measures the brightness for east, south, west and dusk, the wind speed and the outdoor temperature. This means, for example, that shade and heating can be controlled automatically depending on these values.

Twilight sensor / temperature sensor

Twilight sensor / temperature sensor KNX for detection and evaluation of outdoor brightness and outdoor temperature with integrated bus coupler.

Glass Central Operation Unit Smart

The Central Operation Unit Smart combines a large number of functions in one device and serves as a central control unit for your smart home.

Bedienen Alles über unsere KNX Taster aus dem Glas- und Kunststoffsortiment


Lots of functions are set up automatically in the smart home, but as the user you always have the option of controlling your system.

Erkennen und Messen: Mit MDT Sensoren kann Dein Smart Home passend reagieren

Detection and measurement

In order for building automation to react intelligently to the environment, the system needs sensors to provide it with the relevant values.

Die Beschattung: Perfektion ist, wenn sich die Lamellen der Jalousien anhand des Sonnenstandes selbst ausrichten.

The shading

Shade is really smart if it adjusts automatically to the current weather conditions. You need a precisely aligned system in order to achieve this.

Die Beleuchtung: Licht – immer wenn Du es brauchst und in der passenden Beleuchtungsstärke

The lighting

The right lighting has a huge influence on quality of life for the occupants. It provides comfort, security and energy efficiency.

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