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Sun shading

If the slats of the shutters automatically adjust depending on the level of the sun, that’s perfection.

Automatic, energy-efficient sun shading is

a must in new buildings

Without a smart sunshade, rooms with big windows will heat up very quickly when the sun blazes in – even in winter. Automatic shading is therefore a must for every new building.

Shade is really smart if it adjusts automatically to the current weather conditions. In the KNX system, this is implemented via the interaction of the right sensors and actuators.

Shade when needed

Precisely adjusted

If the KNX system has been set up correctly then at the appropriate time the sunshade is only lowered on the windows that are currently in the sun. Where shutters are used, the slats can even be repositioned throughout the day as the sun moves.

In order to implement this, the interaction of various KNX components and professional configuration of the KNX shutter actuator are required. However, it will be worth the time and expense because the building will make optimum use of natural light without overheating.

Highlight functions of our shade control

Innovations from the KNXperts

Highlight function

Slat repositioning

Based on the position of the sun

Depending on the time of year and day, the sun shines on the windows at a certain angle. Around midday, when the sun is high in the sky to the south, the optimum position for the slats is horizontal. The sun is not shining in directly, but the brightness of the day comes into the room. Later in the afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky to the west, the slat direction needs to be adjusted to vertical so that the sun does not shine into the house. This adjustment of the slat position happens automatically with the MDT KNX Shutter Actuator.

Highlight function

Travel time measurement

Always move exactly

The automatic travel time measurement ensures that the shutter control functions optimally at all times. The travel time needed for the shutter will change over time due to the different outdoor temperatures throughout the year and the increasing age of the shutter motor. The ongoing travel time correction in the background ensures permanent and optimal runtime setting for the shutter motors.

Highlight function

Ventilation function

Logical link

Contacts on the windows allow the innovative ventilation function to be set up. This is activated if, for example, the shutter has already been lowered but then quick ventilation is needed. Instead of having to raise the shutter again manually, you can simply tilt or open the window and the shutter will automatically move upwards to the specified ventilation position. If the window is fully opened, then the shutter moves right up. The automatic shading is activated again as soon as the window is closed.

Shading is really smart when it automatically adjusts to the current weather conditions.

Push Button Shutter Control

Control your smart shade as needed

Whether you use a simple push button or a complex operation control, it is always advisable for you as the user to be able to intervene in the automatic control. If you choose a push button with integrated temperature sensor, the indoor temperature can be used as a limit value for the shade control.

This means that in summer the sun is let in until the room has reached its comfort temperature. Then the automatic shading starts.

MDT Shutter Push Button Smart

The special push button for shutter control quickly and clearly displays the status and slat position of the shade.

MDT Glass Push Button II Smart

The push button with lots of space for additional functions and an active colour display, which can also display, for example, the temperature.

MDT Push Button Light 55

Smaller and functional with up/down symbols, the Push Button Light fits into the control programs of many manufacturers.

KNX System Products

MDT components for automatic shading

The heart of automatic shade according to the position of the sun is the MDT Shutter Actuator with travel time measurement – the sun position calculation is already integrated into this device. The actuator needs information from other KNX devices for the automatic calculation. Firstly it needs the time and the date, both of which can be obtained, for example, via an IP router/interface into the KNX system.

Secondly the system needs a brightness sensor (for example as part of a KNX weather station) in order to assess the intensity of the solar radiation. This ensures that the automatic shade only moves when there is strong sunshine, and not when the sky is overcast.

MDT Shutter Actuator with travel time measurement

This actuator, which has been thought out down to the finest detail, moves the shutters according to the position of the sun. Saved locks for when the patio door is open or there are freezing wet conditions protect the system. For convenient ventilation, it is possible to configure the shutter to move up when the window is tilted.

Shutter Actuators JAL

The Shutter Actuator JAL comes with a number of additional functions and can do more than just move the blind or roller shutter up and down. For example, it continuously calculates the position of the sun in order to shade where it is actually necessary. 

MDT KNX Weather Station Home

The MDT Weather Station collects information for the KNX system: It measures the brightness for east, south, west and dusk, the wind speed and the outdoor temperature. This means, for example, that shade and heating can be controlled automatically depending on these values.

MDT Binary Input

Push buttons, switches or window contacts can be incorporated into the KNX system via the MDT Binary Input. Normal push buttons can be assigned several functions per button, just like KNX push buttons. With window contacts, the status of the windows (open/closed/tilted) can be used, for example for the heating control.

MDT IP interface

The IP interface is the interface for the connection between the KNX bus and the PC via a LAN connection. It allows for the bus programming via TCP/IP; four simultaneous connections are possible. With the time server function, the interface can send the date and time to the KNX bus.

Die Beleuchtung: Licht – immer wenn Du es brauchst und in der passenden Beleuchtungsstärke

The lighting

The right lighting has a huge influence on quality of life for the occupants. It provides comfort, security and energy efficiency.

Die Heizung: In jedem Raum die passende Temperatur zu jeder Tageszeit

The heating

Heating and cooling appropriate for the time of year and ambient temperature so that the rooms are always at the optimum comfort temperature.

Bedienen Alles über unsere KNX Taster aus dem Glas- und Kunststoffsortiment


Lots of functions are set up automatically in the smart home, but as the user you always have the option of controlling your system.

Erkennen und Messen: Mit MDT Sensoren kann Dein Smart Home passend reagieren

Detection and measurement

In order for building automation to react intelligently to the environment, the system needs sensors to provide it with the relevant values.

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