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Our commitment to the efficient use of valuable resources

Sustainability at MDT

MDT stands for future-orientated, innovative, sustainable and energy-efficiency for over 40 years. As part of our sustainability strategy, we think and act in two directions.

  1. As an ‘impact company’, we develop and manufacture products that enable everyone to operate an energy-efficient building. With over 400 different products, you can choose the level of automation for your customised smart building and use the available resources efficiently.
  2. As a manufacturing company, we pay very close attention to our ecological footprint at our site in Engelskirchen (near Cologne) and are constantly improving it. With almost 100% in house production, ‘Made in Germany’ is not just a slogan for us, but a promise we live by.

Energy saving potential for an automated KNX installation with our products compared to conventional wiring:

  • up to 50 % for ventilation control, e.g. VOC-dependent activation
  • up to 40 % for individual room occupancy, e.g. window-dependent heating control
  • up to 40 % for lighting control, e.g. presence-dependent dimming
  • up to 30 % for shading control, e.g. sun position-dependent shading

Our strategy as a manufacturing company

As part of our internal sustainability strategy as a manufacturing company, we highly value the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) guidelines. But we want to do more than what is legally required: as part of the SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative), we have set ourselves the goal of reducing over 40% of our total CO2 emissions by 2030 and becoming CO2 neutral in the long term.

To achieve this, we are in the process of optimisation in the areas of fleet management, production, logistics and renovating our existing company buildings which includes the conversion of the heating system to a geothermic heat pump and installation of our own KNX products to increase our on-site sustainability. 

Our company vehicle fleet is converting to e-mobility for all KNXperts based in Engelskirchen. We now have 35 charging points at our facility, which are powered by 100% renewable electrical energy.

In the logistic and dispatch department we act sustainably based on the fact, our purchasing department purchases our shipping materials with careful regard to regionality. Our boxes are 100% recyclable, and the filling material is mainly made of paper. You may occasionally find plastic or polystyrene in bags as filling material in our boxes. Our colleagues in the dispatch department collect this filling material and recycle it, if possible, when packing our products. Only our sensor products with a glass display are given a protective plastic film to protect the display from damage.  

Our company headquarters in Engelskirchen is sustainable. We only use electricity from 100% renewable energy. Our new extension is also equipped with an 80 kWp photovoltaic system. Our new main building, which will be completed in 2024, will have a modern heat pump and a photovoltaic system. The modernisation of our former main building and the replacement of the oil heating system with a geothermic heat pump are already taking shape, with drilling for the closed loop already conducted. As a leading manufacturer of KNX products, we naturally use our KNX products in our buildings to ensure energy-efficient utilisation of resources. The LED lighting control, heating, ventilation, shading, heat recovery from the production machines - everything is controlled automatically and energy-efficiently with MDT KNX products.

Our new main building is therefore a prime example of an ultra-modern and smart office and production building with KNX technology.

Our values

We stand for


From PCB assembly (SMT) to injection moulding and assembly, every single work step takes place in-house. As a result, we have very efficient inhouse supply chain for the production process.

The quality of our products is always our top priority: every single product is subjected to several quality tests during production, which means that we have partically no rejected parts. Our high-quality standards allow us to extend our guarantee to 3 years and keep our complaint rate very low.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.


We support our customers with help and advice. Thanks to the expert advice of our support colleagues, we reduce returns, as many questions can be clarified directly without having to send in the product. Our KNXperts will help you until they have answered all your questions about our products. 

If, despite our high-quality standards, there is ever a complaint about a product, it will be repaired in-house by our KNXperts if possible. In this way, we avoid unnecessary consumption of valuable resources, and, in the best-case scenario, we can also maintain the customer programming.


With over 400 different KNX products, we offer one of the most comprehensive KNX product ranges on the market. Every year, we develop numerous new and improved products for you. In doing so, we always focus on providing you with practical functions in our products that you can use to set up your project efficiently and save energy. 

In 2024, we were honoured for our innovative strength with the TOP 100 Innovation Award for German SMEs for the ninth time in a row.


Detection and measurement

In order for building automation to react intelligently to the environment, the system needs sensors to provide it with the relevant values.


Lots of functions are set up automatically in the smart home, but as the user you always have the option of controlling your system.

The shading

Shade is really smart if it adjusts automatically to the current weather conditions. You need a precisely aligned system in order to achieve this.

The heating

Heating and cooling appropriate for the time of year and ambient temperature so that the rooms are always at the optimum comfort temperature.

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