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Dimming Control Device AKD, 1-10 V


The MDT Dimming Actuator AKD with 4 channels for controlling 1-10 V electronic ballasts. The actuator dims 4 lighting circuits with up to 30 electronic ballasts each. When using RGB(W) light sources, these can be conveniently dimmed and adjusted in colour via the HSV objects and, for example, an MDT Glass Push-button II Smart.

  • Installation Type: MDRC
  • Channels: 4-fold
  • C Load: 140 µF C-Load
  • Ampere: 16 A
  • Led: Yes
  • V230: Yes
  • Control Voltage: 1-10 V
  • Device width: 4SU
  • HSV Colour control: Yes
  • RGB Colour control: Yes
  • RGBW Colour control: Yes

Product features

  • Push Button for manual operation and indicator for each channel
  • To control 1-10 V electronic transformers (ECG)
  • With RGBW functionality
  • RGB und HSV control with extensive color functions
  • Offers control voltage up to 30 ECG (each channel)
  • Voltage reversal protection
  • Embedded switching relays for 30 ECG / 30 W,
    20 ECG / 58 W, 15 ECG / 2 x 36 W,
    10 ECG / 2 x 58 W
  • Adjustable switch-on behavior
  • Minimum / maximum brighness value adjustable
  • Adjustable dimming speed
  • Central switching functions
  • 8 scenes per channel
  • 1 Bit automatic function
  • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
  • 3 year warranty

Available Variants of this series:


  • Channels: 4-fold
  • Device width: 4SU


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Productdatabase ETS4/5/6

Date: 07/22
Version: V2.1

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Assembly and operational instructions

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Technical manual

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Tender texts

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