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MDT innovations at Light + Building 2024

Our trade fair innovations 2024:

Glass Touch Smart

„As individual as you are“ is the motto of the new capacitive multi-functional Glass Touch Smart with its high-resolution 6-inch TFT colour display. The elegant and individual design options of the display are impressive. Installed vertically or horizontally, the 6-inch TFT colour display can be individually customised in the ETS. Up to 64 functions can be visualised on independent levels and up to 12 statuses can be shown in standby operation. An integrated temperature sensor and a room temperature controller for heating- / cooling operation enable a pleasant ambient temperature control. A circumferential white orientation light rounds off the modern design of the Glass Touch Smart. The capacitive display comes to life with the tip of a finger, intuitive swipe movements on the display guides through up to 64 personalised functions, highlighted in design colours, background images or logos. The elegant and detailed design is highlighted in the Plus version with a RGB circumferential backlight and an integrated loudspeaker for acoustical feedback. The multifunctional capacitive is equipped with a temperature sensor and a room temperature controller for heat- / cool operation.

Glass Touch Smart Plus

The Glass Touch Smart Plus version is enhanced with additional features, acoustical feedback through an in integrated loudspeaker, RGBW colour control of the circumferential background illumination.

Discover now

We are bringing many new products to Frankfurt from our development and production facilities in Engelskirchen (near Cologne, Germany). We have summarised all the new products for you in our new products brochure. Take a look now:

Modbus Gateway RTU485

The new KNX Modbus Gateway RTU485 enables a bidirectional communication, simple integration of Modbus devices with RTU protocol and RS-485 interface into KNX systems. Equipped with a wide range of practical functions, the Modbus gateway simplifies the integration of heat pumps, photovoltaic inverters or charging stations, to the KNX system.

Combi-Presence detection 360°

In addition to the 3 sensors for presence detection, the passive infrared presence detector is equipped with additional room climate sensors. The detector not only ensures a reliable 360° presence detection, monitoring of the CO2 and VOC mixed gas concentration it also measures the temperature and humidity in a respective room.

Presence detector 360° L3 TS

The MDT presence detector L3 TS has in total three sensors, for an increased accuracy in detection. The integrated Temperature sensor measures the temperature in the room and transmits these values within the KNX system, for example to a room temperature controller.

Presence detector 360° L2 IP44

The MDT Presence detector L2 is, due to its IP44 protection class, suitable for installation in wet rooms, e.g., bathrooms.

DALI Control Broadcast Gateway

With the new MDT DALI Control Broadcast Gateway, DALI luminaires can be cost and time effectively commissioned as the single ECG addresses do not need to be individually programmed into the gateway, the luminaires are commonly controlled. The new MDT DALI Control Broadcast Gateway supports DALI and DALI-2 standards and is a KNX Data Secure device. Commissioning is possible as of from ETS 5.7.3.

AKD LED Controller CC / CV

The LED controller ensures that the LED lighting can be customised. The controller is equipped with a wide range of functions, such as the optimisation of hybrid dimming from 0.2% to 100% for better light quality, time-dependent as well as absolute and relative dimming.

Smart in black

Mission completed: The MDT assortment in black is now complete. Whether black or white, the choice of colour is an aesthetical design decision. In addition to completing the 55 assortments in black, MDT is also launching other popular products in black: KNX customers can look forward to the Push-button Smart 86 and the MDT ceiling presence detector.

Presence detector

For stylish presence detection, the MDT ceiling presence detectors are also available in black finish to complement the black MDT assortment. In black, the detectors also have the known variety of functions and products that KNX users are already familiar with from the white assortment..   

Push-button Smart 86

In black, the Push-button Smart 86 maintains the recognised functions. The six ergonomically formed mechanical buttons can be used to activate up to 12 functions additionally complemented with the “Slap function” The individual symbols and texts for labelling the functions in colour on the display, harmonise with the matt black finish.

40 Years Excellence in Electronics:


We have been developing and manufacturing electronic products in Engelskirchen for 40 years. Founded in 1984 as MCI, the first twenty-five years of business commenced with the development and production of personal computers, RAM and PC accessories. As of from 1996 we focused on the production of RAM components for PCs and on the development and continuous optimisation of its extremely flexible production process. True to the motto at that time, “ordered in the morning - delivered in the evening”.

In 2005, we were officially renamed from MCI to MDT technologies, as the brand name of the main memory was increasingly being equated to the company name. In 2009 we initiated and launched the development and production of our first KNX products. The initial 29 products introduced to the market included, a binary input with an integrated logic function - a product combination that was an innovation to the market in 2009. Since 2009, we exclusively develop and produce KNX products. 

Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of KNX products for the automation of commercial and private buildings. Our medium-sized company and our more than 100 employees stand for innovation, quality, and service. With a good 400 different KNX products, we offer one of the most comprehensive KNX product ranges on the market. Our innovative product portfolio is complemented by first-class support and personal contact with our customers. The KNXperts are always happy to help with questions about MDT products.

About us

Erkennen und Messen: Mit MDT Sensoren kann Dein Smart Home passend reagieren

Detection and measurement

In order for building automation to react intelligently to the environment, the system needs sensors to provide it with the relevant values.

Die Beschattung: Perfektion ist, wenn sich die Lamellen der Jalousien anhand des Sonnenstandes selbst ausrichten.

The shading

Shade is really smart if it adjusts automatically to the current weather conditions. You need a precisely aligned system in order to achieve this.

Die Beleuchtung: Licht – immer wenn Du es brauchst und in der passenden Beleuchtungsstärke

The lighting

The right lighting has a huge influence on quality of life for the occupants. It provides comfort, security and energy efficiency.

Die Heizung: In jedem Raum die passende Temperatur zu jeder Tageszeit

The heating

Heating and cooling appropriate for the time of year and ambient temperature so that the rooms are always at the optimum comfort temperature.

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