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Why you should choose MDT – KNX products for professionals

The MDT range consists of over 300 KNX products, all of which offer you added value for your project.

The actuators:

  • KNX Switch Actuators that take up 30% less space in the switch box.

    • The bigger the KNX system, the more space is needed in the switch cabinet. This means that for planning purposes it is important to accommodate as many functions in as few components as possible. The 20-fold/24-fold Switch Actuators of the MDT AKS series cut space requirements by up to 30% compared with other manufacturers.

  • KNX Shutter Actuators with travel time measurement that cuts installation time

    • With standard shutter actuators, the travel time for the shade needs to be measured manually and set for each shutter individually. MDT has found a better solution for this and the new KNX Shutter Actuator has an automatic travel time measurement function, which only needs to be activated once when setting up the system. Then the actuator independently measures the travel time for the sun shading for each channel, which makes commissioning much easier for you. Ongoing travel time correction in the background ensures permanent and optimal runtime setting for the shutter motors.

  • KNX Heating Actuators with clear text diagnosis for easy troubleshooting

    • The MDT Heating Actuator has clear text diagnosis. It displays the current status/error status via a 14 byte object for each channel. This means that errors can be localised quickly and makes commissioning much easier for the system integrator.

  • KNX Dimming Actuators with time-dependent dimming

    • Energy saving for your customer as in the evening the light is dimmed, meaning that instead of 100% lighting only 20% is used to light the way. This is enough to see where you are going and will not disturb the neighbouring rooms. In the MDT Dimming Actuator, you can save percentage values for the lighting. Either one value each is defined for day/night, or it is possible – and this is only true with MDT – to set up time-dependent dimming.

The sensors:

  • MDT Push-button with integrated display for quick, individual labelling

    • When the KNX system is first set up in particular, it is frequently the case that the requirements for the assignment of the push-buttons will change. The associated labelling on our displays can be quickly and easily adjusted when changes are made, meaning that the push button displays the new assignment once programming has been carried out. MDT Push-buttons with integrated display are available in both the glass and the plastic range.

  • MDT Push-buttons reduce the need for additional sensors

    • Our KNX Push-buttons are mostly available with an integrated temperature sensor. Some of our sensor products have an integrated brightness sensor or a humidity sensor. Therefore it is not necessary to find additional space for these sensors in the room.

  • MDT Push-buttons in a timeless design, appropriate for any customer

    • Our plastic range, with its dimensions of 55 mm and 63 mm, fits into most switching programs from leading manufacturers and can therefore be easily integrated into these frames. The MDT Glass Push-buttons are a popular alternative. With their twelve function buttons, they open up a wide range of control options, and their timeless design means that they fit harmoniously into any room.

  • MDT Motion Detectors recognise the direction of movement

    • Energy saving for your customers: as it has two sensors, the MDT KNX Motion Detector is able to detect the direction of a movement. This means, for example, the light can be switched off early if a movement towards the exit is detected.

The system devices:

  • KNX Power Supplies for any project size

    • No matter how big your project is, we have the right KNX Bus Power Supply. Choose from the range from 160 mA to 1280 mA, with or without diagnosis function. For increased reliability, our range also includes redundant KNX power supplies.

  • KNX Timer Switch for easy programming of various functions

    • The switching times of the KNX Timer Switch can be easily programmed via the ETS. The automatic holiday calculation also saves you a bit of programming time. In total it is possible to set up 20 channels, for example with the MDT shutter function.

  • KNX Logic Module for a unique range of functions

    • Our MDT Logic Module allows you to choose from 17 different functions, which you can use for the 24 integrated, independent function blocks. This makes your project even smarter.

  • KNX safety for your projects

    • With the MDT Safety Module, you are protecting the KNX project against access across the boundary. All commands that are sent from outside are blocked here. In order to block online hackers, the MDT Router and the MDT IP Interface are equipped with KNX Data Secure.

The visualisation:

  • KNX VisuControl App for managing and controlling several smart buildings

    • The free MDT App can be used to manage up to four VisuControl Object Servers. This provides a central overview and control, for example, for building complexes consisting of up to four parts.

  • KNX VisuControl Object Server for quick and easy set-up

    • You can configure our Object Server directly in the ETS, it does not require any additional set-up via a visualisation. The display via the MDT App already uses the responsive design, i.e. it adjusts automatically to the smartphone or tablet used and does not require further configuration.


  • Easy retrofitting with KNX Wireless

    • With the KNX wireless components, there is no need for breaking work for subsequent cabling. In existing buildings, this means that the products can be easily and quickly retrofitted to modernise the facilities. For example, conventional switches can be replaced with KNX RF+ Push Buttons with integrated 2-fold switching actuator (neutral wire required).

  • MDT RF+ acts as a repeater

    • In addition to its normal function, every KNX product from our RF+ Wireless range also acts as a repeater. This means that with sufficient wireless products it is possible to build up a stable network.

  • MDT RF+ is sustainable

    • Our MDT RF+ devices are powered from the 230 V grid; we do not use any batteries.



Object Server VisuControl EASY II


Art.-Nr.: VC-EASY.03
  • For visualisation of current building conditions and interactive control of building functions via the Android and iOS App
  • Visualisation and operation of lighting, blinds, room temperature, status, Scenes, media data, weather data and more
  • Up to 200 Functions can be visualised
  • Individual allocation in rooms, zones, or groups
  • Separate Status Object
  • HSV or RGB colour control
  • Graphical user interface is created automatically
  • Up to 4 IP cameras per Object server
  • KNX Secure enabled
  • Connection to the MDT Time switch
  • Recording and display of Data in up to 8 diagrams
  • Integrated VPN support
  • IP Interface (4 Connections simultaneously, bus programming)
  • E-mail function for sending messages and status reports
  • Time server for sending date / time to the KNX bus
  • Logic function for grouped notification
  • Secure data transfer between the Object server and App
  • The App supports multiple object servers
  • Easy configuration with ETS 5 / 6 without extra Software
  • Power supply via KNX Bus, no external power supply required
  • VisuControl II for KNX App is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store

New series: Glass Push-button II Smart .02

Version with 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 buttons

Art.-Nr.: BE-GT20W.02

New functions series .02:

  • Innovative group control with long/extra long operation / Keystroke
  • New mapping function for convenient function allocation
  • Extended info display with up to 3 lines and up to 6 measured values
  • Modern Icons (Icon upload)
  • Slap function with new range of functions

Glass Push-button II Smart with temperature sensor:

  • With temperature sensor for room temperature measurement
  • Additional functions to set temperature and operating mode
  • Application as RTC in combination with AKH heating actuator

Our added value

Made in Germany

MDT develops and produces the products in Engelskirchen (near Cologne) in Germany. Thousands of products leave the plant every day, and the products are usually available from stock.

This is made possible thanks to the flexibly organised production, which is flexibly geared towards demand. More than 100 employees at the site manufacture the KNX components in various production levels.

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Made in Germany

MDT products are developed and produced in Engelskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Our production in Germany stands for quality and flexibility.

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