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Light – whenever you need it and at the right intensity

Light when needed – completely automatically

Energy-efficient lighting

Automatic lighting is probably the first thing that most people think of when it comes to a smart home. It is convenient if the light goes on and off automatically and nobody can accidentally leave the light on in the cellar for days on end.

Obviously, automatic lighting also improves energy efficiency, even when using efficient LEDs. When it comes to lighting, however, the smart home can do so much more than just switching the light on and off

Create moods

Smart lighting control

The right lighting has a huge influence on quality of life for the occupants. Different light is needed in different situations, for example in the home office or when you are cooking, the areas need to be well lit. When you are relaxing in the evening, several dimmed light sources make the living room feel cosy, and colours can be used to create an even better ambiance.

At night all you need is a gentle orientation like to find your way along the hallway. The KNX system uses KNX Actuators, KNX Dimming Actuators and KNX LED Controllers to provide the perfect lighting control.

Highlight functions of our lighting control

Added value from the KNXperts

Highlight function

Threshold value 

Switching the light on or off automatically

It is too dark in the evening and the light goes on. A home automation system is seen as being smart if it reacts independently and appropriately for the inhabitants’ needs. Therefore MDT KNX Switch Actuators from the AKS series have a threshold function on each channel. For example, the light can be switched on when the brightness falls below the desired level. This means that the building reacts automatically to the situation in the rooms.

Highlight function

Colour control

Create an ambiance easily

In addition to switching and dimming, the possibilities of light colours are the main thing that make LEDs so attractive. With indirect LED lighting, the room can be gently illuminated in the right colour for the mood. With the MDT LED controllers, it is possible to control 12/24 V RGB/RGBW LED stripes very conveniently via the HSV colour space (recommended) or the RGB/RGBW colour space.

Highlight function

Time-dependent dimming

Gentle orientation light

If the children are already in bed in the evening, a light switched on in the hallway might seem too bright. In the KNX smart home, the light is therefore dimmed during the evening so that instead of 100% lighting, only 20% will illuminate your path. This is enough to see where you are going and will not disturb the neighbouring rooms. This is made possible by the MDT Dimming Actuator, where you can save percentage values for the lighting. Either one value each is defined for day/night, or it is possible – and this is only true with MDT – to set up time-dependent dimming.

Lighting push button

Lighting push button

MDT Push Button Smart 86

Smart KNX push button with six buttons, colour display and numerous possible functions. Symbols and free text can be configured for every button.

MDT Glass Push Button II Smart

The push button with lots of space for additional functions and an active colour display, which can also display, for example, the temperature.

MDT Push Button Light 55

Smaller and functional, the Push Button 55 fits in perfectly with the control programs of many manufacturers and is available with the appropriate symbols.

KNX System Products

MDT components for automatic lighting

Various KNX MDRC devices are used for the KNX lighting control, depending on what functions are required. KNX switch actuators are used to switch the lighting on and off, whether this is now done automatically or via KNX push buttons in the room.

If the light not only needs to be switched on or off but also dimmed, then KNX dimming actuators are used. In this case it is important that the lamp must be suitable for dimming. Anyone who also wants to change the colour of the light will use a KNX LED Controller.

MDT Switch Actuator

In addition to manual switching via a KNX Push Button in the room, the MDT Switch Actuator can also be used to set up automatic switching actions, for example using a threshold value for brightness.

MDT Dimming Actuator

The MDT Dimming Actuator is optimised for dimmable LED lights and among other things allows for automatic, time-dependent dimming.

MDT LED Controller

With the MDT LED Controller, in addition to the normal dimming for the HSV colour space and RGB, it is also possible to implement trend functions such as the Tunable White colour temperature control, Dim2Warm or the dynamic daylight control HCL (human centric lighting).

MDT Timer Switch

In order to switch the lighting on or off depending on the time, the MDT Timer Switch has 20 channels each with eight switching times. With the automatic holiday calculation, on public holidays your lighting is switched as it would be on Sundays and therefore it will not disturb your lie in.

MDT Bus Power Supply

In order to operate the KNX components, the KNX bus needs its 30 V voltage supply. This is provided by the MDT KNX Bus Power Supply, and in family homes one bus power supply will be sufficient for the entire system.

Bedienen Alles über unsere KNX Taster aus dem Glas- und Kunststoffsortiment


Lots of functions are set up automatically in the smart home, but as the user you always have the option of controlling your system.

Erkennen und Messen: Mit MDT Sensoren kann Dein Smart Home passend reagieren

Detection and measurement

In order for building automation to react intelligently to the environment, the system needs sensors to provide it with the relevant values.

Die Beschattung: Perfektion ist, wenn sich die Lamellen der Jalousien anhand des Sonnenstandes selbst ausrichten.

The shading

Shade is really smart if it adjusts automatically to the current weather conditions. You need a precisely aligned system in order to achieve this.

Die Heizung: In jedem Raum die passende Temperatur zu jeder Tageszeit

The heating

Heating and cooling appropriate for the time of year and ambient temperature so that the rooms are always at the optimum comfort temperature.

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